Integrative care is effective for a wide range of conditions. This includes seasonal illnesses (aka “the crud”) and acute infections, as well as more complex, chronic and ongoing conditions. I see adults and adolescents, as well as occasional consults for younger children. I do not provide primary care pediatrics.

November 2018 Update: I am now practicing at Rain City Integrative Clinic. Please see their website for descriptions of services there. The below will tell you what my services are like, however. I continue to not use homeopathy and to stick to

Medications, Labs, and Imaging

There are times when medications are needed. I am able to prescribe and manage or co-manage common primary care medications, including testosterone, when they are medically indicated. When appropriate I integrate them with non-pharmaceutical medicine for effective care. This assumes that the non-pharmaceutical therapies don’t interfere with the medications. I discuss the risks and benefits of the various treatments with you, and involve you in the decision making.

I do not prescribe controlled substances other than testosterone or codeine (e.g. cough syrup). This means I do not prescribe tranquilizers, sleeping medications, and controlled pain medications. If you are currently taking any drug that is a controlled substance (other than testosterone), you will need another provider to manage those medications.

There are some medications that are best prescribed by a specialist. As well, if you have numerous medications and illnesses, you may be asked to have an internist or family medical doctor as part of your team as well.

Obtaining Labs, Imaging and Other Testing.

I order lab testing and imaging as needed. These are almost always through standard lab testing companies (e.g. LabCorp, Quest). If you have insurance, it will be paid for according to their policies, subject to co-pays and deductibles.  Blood draws are usually done at a Labcorp (or other lab service) patient patient service center.

Referrals to Specialists and Coordinating Care

If you need a specialist, I will refer you to one and coordinate follow up care as needed. If you already have other providers on board for any health conditions, I communicate with your other doctors so that all involved understand what is being done, and why.


I do not have hospital privileges, meaning I cannot admit you directly to a hospital. In case of life threatening emergency,  call 9-1-1. In less urgent situations I will have you go to the ER to be evaluated.  I call the doctor there and send any needed records in ahead of your arrival (if time allows). If you are admitted by the ER medical team,  a team of hospitalists will care for you during your stay in the hospital. I follow up with you after hospitalization.

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