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Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Health Conditions

As I note in Things To Be Aware Of:

A word specifically to those living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and various other mental conditions: you are not to blame for your condition, and taking medication is not a failure. Medication can make it possible for depressed, anxious, sleepless people to finally be able to take the steps they need to exercise, sleep well, eat decently, get to therapy routinely. If medication is needed, take it, and honor yourself for taking care of yourself.

An integrative approach can help improve mood and sleep for those who are depressed, anxious, unfocused, or dealing with insomnia. Improving these conditions can help improve overall health as well.

Many people who come to me do not want medications for depression, anxiety, etc. However, medication is sometimes needed to help heal from mental health conditions.  For those on medications, I focus on therapies that will not interfere with the medication and that may help improve medication effectiveness or ease side effects.

I do not write prescriptions for controlled medications used for ADHD, anxiety, or pain. That means I do not prescribe Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Valium, Xanax, Oxycodone, etc. If you need these medications you will need to see an MD, DO or ARNP with prescribing rights.

I recommend counseling for those with depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, and those dealing with life challenges. The evidence is that counseling helps with people to recover from depression. It also helps prevent relapse. It is also extremely helpful for anxiety, mood disorders and other mental conditions. (I recommend counseling in a lot of cases, not just for those who are dealing with mental illness!)

In some cases I manage and prescribe commonly used (uncontrolled) medications for uncomplicated depression and anxiety. However, in many cases I may ask you to have a “prescribing mental health professional” (psychiatrist or psychiatric ARNP) to manage your your medications. This is especially true if:

  • your depression or anxiety is severe
  • you  have a recent history of suicide attempts or hospitalization for your mental health conditions.
  • You have any “co-morbid” conditions such as bipolar or other mental illnesses;
  • you have other conditions that require a prescribing psychiatric provider’s expert guidance.

I will also ask you to have a psychiatrist or psychiatric ARNP on board if you are:

  • Suicidal
  • Have hallucinations, psychotic symptoms or a diagnosis of schizophrenia
  • Have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (especially with a history of psychosis or hospitalizations)
  • Or anytime that good medical care calls for having a mental health professional/specialist involved.

If you do not have a psychiatrist or psychiatric ARNP and need one, you can contact the following organizations to set up an appointment with one.

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