LGBTQ Health & Transgender Care

LGBTQ Healthcare

I offer healthcare that is respectful of you, your sexuality, and your relationships. Patients see me for general care as well as for LGBTQ-specific care.

Some in-house STD testing is available in the practice. I do not at this time offer rapid screening for HIV. PrEP prescriptions are available.

Transgender Medicine

I offer gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for individuals who wish to transition medically. I use standard pharmaceutical hormones, androgen blockers, and other medications that are available through pharmacies. I do not use herbal products or supplements  to transition (see below). For patients who would like gender-affirming surgeries, I can coordinate the process of obtaining surgery.  I work with patients who do not identify with the gender binary as well.

While I no longer am accepting new patients for primary care, I continue to  provide general healthcare as needed for transgender and gender-non-conforming individuals, who often have difficulties accessing competent and sensitive care.

In general, I work with an informed consent model for adults for HRT.  However, hormones are never prescribed on the first visit and I do not guarantee that hormones will be prescribed. At times I will talk with a client about  working  with a therapist before moving forward with medical transition. This is usually in cases where there are other issues (social, mental, or emotional) that may require extra support during transition. And at times, individuals may have health issues that need to be addressed before medical transition.

Your insurance may have requirements for obtaining hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) or surgery that are not in line with the informed consent model. For instance, your insurer may require that you see a licensed mental health counselor for a set number of visits or a length of time before receiving hormone replacement therapy. You will need to check with your insurer before obtaining labs and treatment to find out what the requirements are.

I am sometimes asked if there is a “natural” way to transition without hormones using herbs or supplements. My answer is no. I don’t support the use of herbal products to transition, meaning that if you come in on one of those products I will discuss with you why I would like you to discontinue it. Nor is it necessary to get special “bio-identical” hormones. (The commercially available hormone forms used for transitioning are very close to the forms made by the body and work just fine.)

When transitioning, it’s important to take good care of yourself and work on your overall health.  you are also struggling with concerns such as weight issues, chronic illness, tobacco or substance use, mood disorders, anxiety or insomnia — transition can be an excellent time to make a fresh, healthy start.

I strongly support gender affirming care for non-gender-conforming children and adolescents.If you have any questions or concerns about the hormones and blockers used, I am happy to sit down with you and discuss them. I do not implant puberty blockers.    Seattle Children’s Hospital has established a clinic for transgender youth, and I strongly encourage you to contact them for gender care for your child.

I provide hormonal transition therapy for older adolescents (16+). Adolescents must be seeing a mental health professional to guide them and their families and they must provide a letter from the therapist, before starting hormone therapy for minors.

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